Our Story

About Deft

DEFT is a one of its kind Home Automation System that is present and available in the industry today. DEFT provides the BEST solution to HOME complications and problems with cutting edge technology that is not only available but also durable and affordable. Without a doubt, it can be within everybody's reach!

DEFT was conceived in 2015 by HomeOne Technologies and is thus gearing towards becoming the most affordable, efficient and intelligent home automation system coupled with voice controlling feature and best – in – class energy saving ability.

A connected home demands a powerful, reliable and yet secure platform capable of running and functioning even in the rigors of real world conditions, DEFT provides this with the help of the industrial standard ZIGBEE protocol, DEFT offers you utmost access over all home appliances with just a touch via your smartphone or tablet without any compromise in neither quality, technology and performance and thus is simply unmatched in any and all of these areas.


At HOMEONE, we set new benchmarks for the industry in the world of outsourcing as well as new trends for success. Our high professional background and proficiency is what inspires us to create inspiring industry-standard systems for homes and offices.

Our team of specialists have completed several successful installations and still continue to deliver a cutting-edge service all across the country, as our MISSION is to get results, achieve success and growth for our clients and that is what we are set to do.


What We Do

We Love Technology

We at HomeOne love technology and realize its impact on our day to day life. We are always striving to incorporate the latest technologies at our disposal and make all of our lives more comfortable.

We Will Support You

We are always by your side, helping and guiding you to a better living. We are committed to engage with our customers at a personal level to sort out their problems.

Free Home Automation

We will make sure that you recover the money you spent on DEFT through huge savings not only on electricity bills and energy usage but also on through the time you will save due to convenience provided by DEFT. Within 3 years DEFT will be free!

Free Updates

We are not going to stop at this! We will keep on updating the product based on the advancing technology and increasing needs. And each update will be given to you for free till the end of time!