Now operate all your appliances with simple voice commands. Just say the words and it is done. Speak in your mother tongue and get amazed how your Home responds to you!!!


DEFT is laden with Light, Motion and Temperature sensors which makes your HOME incredibly intelligent. Turning on the lights on your entry, shutting them off when you leave the room, adjusting the lights and temperature when you sleep according to your liking, are some of the many marvels of this home automation system.


DEFT can operate, incorporate and systematise as many as 999 appliances at your own HOME sweet HOME. Right from your primary appliances like TV, AC, geyser to coffee maker, you shall be able to control them from all around the globe at any time from the convenience of your mobile phone.


Now secure your HOME with the DEFT’s IP Camera and get alarmed on suspicious movements outside your place. When somebody will ring a bell you will get a call on your mobile phone, not only will you be able to see who is outside your home, but also communicate with them through the mike installed on the IP Camera. Accordingly you can open or lock the doors with a simple click on your phone from anywhere around the world


Don’t even remotely get worried about rewiring, drilling or painting of your HOME. DEFT gets installed without any changes in your current wiring systems, that too an entire home under 60 minutes!!


DEFT will schedule all your daily activities and adapt to your routine with finest precision and details. DEFT turns on your coffee machine for you, opens the curtains just when you are about to get up, turns on the geyser while you still snooze your alarm for the last 5 minutes of your precious sleep. It will even turn on the AC about 15 minutes before you come home to a set temperature of your liking. Even appliances like your toaster, washing machine, etc can be scheduled to function at a certain time. Experience Convenience like never before!!


DEFT will monitor energy consumption of each and every individual appliance and present the data to you in a very easy to understand graphical format. DEFT is constantly processing this data and will notify you if a certain appliance is consuming too much energy or if any appliance is about to malfunction and it will assist you in every step to reduce the energy footprint of your Home.


DEFT comes with a curtain controller that helps you control your curtains through your mobile. And you need not worry, you’ll won’t have to change your curtains or need mechanised ones, we will mechanise your curtains without a hint of change in them. With 5 levels of curtains operations, you can open or close the curtains completely or to the level you want. Now even schedule the curtains to open up in the morning and close while you sleep. Comfort at it’s best!!