How It Works

Intelligent Sensor

Voice Command

Mobile Control

DEFT is designed with a Master-Slave Architecture giving the product its awesome flexibility and scalability feature. The DEFT MASTER, a beautifully designed industrial standard device interacts with the DEFT SLAVES which sit in every room, through ‘wireless protocol’ to execute protocols and commands. With the help of the ZIGBEE protocol the DEFT SLAVES integrates itself with all the home appliances thus giving you utmost and complete control over all your appliances.

The DEFT MASTER automatically discovers and connects to the Slave controllers to control them. DEFT intelligently regulates your home appliances with its built-in Temperature, Motion and Light Sensors to give you optimum utilization. DEFT also monitors the energy consumption of individual appliances and reports about the same to you via your mobile. It also informs you about the malfunctioning or irregularity of any of these appliances to enable you to take informed decisions on the energy footprint of your home. It also uses the ‘CURRENT SPLICING’ method to achieve Light-Dimming so as to give you the best shot on saving energy

DEFT connects to the home router via Wi-Fi, this enables you to control your home and appliances from anywhere in the world thus portraying the intelligent features of DEFT.

RS 485, RS 232, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE
Room Support
Upto 99 rooms
Appliance Support
Upto 999 appliances